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OST-Stankoprom - equipment for metal decor production

«OST-Stankoprom» manufactures and offers a complex of high-tech equipment for the complete cycle of metal decor and production of construction metal structures:

  • forging machinery
  • metal-working machinery
  • welding machinery
  • painting equipment


«OST-Stankoprom» carries out:

  • direct delivery to the customer’s address; delivery from warehouses in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Minsk, Vitebsk; leasing schemes of delivery
  • assistance in choosing a set of equipment according to the customer’s potential
  • consultancy on organizing engineering procedure and production scheduling
  • free training of machine operators at the operating plant
  • assistance in installation and startup work
  • warranty service and post-warranty technical and information support
  • post-warranty delivery of spare parts and any accessories

«OST-Stankoprom» has its own production facilities, stock of up-to-date manufacturing equipment for machines and tools production, team of highly skilled specialists. Having been one of the leaders in the market of metal constructions and architectural metal decor in Europe and the CIS, OST-Stankoprom is a part of the OST Industrial Group of companies that unites enterprises and organizations of various areas of activity in the industry of metal construction and metal decor production.

Welcome to a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!
Offered products

Forging machinery

Bending machinery

Competitive advantage

Forging machinery
  • cheaper than German analogues by 50%
  • the highest quality standard
  • 2-year warranty
  • the shortest terms of manufacture
  • shipment from the warehouses in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg

New offers of machinery

Universal machine tools UMT-04K

Universal machine tools UMT-04K
  • Universal machine tools UMT-04K with CNC completed with the replaceable blocks carries out: twisting of square material, forge-rolling, end forging, bending of volutes, production of “baskets”, radius bending, production of rings.

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